Benjamin F. Edwards

“It is more vital than ever for our clients to work closely with their advisor to assess their risk tolerance and long-term goals and then together reaffirm or re-chart their financial path.”

Tad Edwards, Chairman, CEO, and President


A legacy you can believe in. A future you can be a part of.

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Benjamin F. Edwards is staffed by a team of professionals who each share a passion for client service and boast vast securities experience—all who choose to be a part of our legacy of family.

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Along the winding road of life’s path, professional and personal milestones present financial challenges and opportunities. Our financial advisors have the tools, expertise and perspective to help our clients prepare for such events.

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Imagine working for a firm with a culture of entrepreneurship that empowers you to define your own professional destiny. Find out about our broker/dealer and our RIA subsidiaries and learn how we can help you create a legacy.

Discover our Dynamic Wealth Management Firm With A Storied 130 Year Legacy

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